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ChargeCarPrize is a contest to design an intelligent policy algorithm that will decide how to use the supercapacitor in ChargeCar. Given a demand or regeneration from the motor, as well as inputs such as speed, acceleration, GPS coordinates, and online feeds or databases, the policy must decide how the demand is met from the battery and/or capacitor. We're hoping that with your help and intuition, we can improve the efficiency, longevity, and range of electric vehicles.

Be sure to read the rules before getting started:

Rules and Schedule

ChargeCarPrize Leaderboard - Closed

RankAuthor/TeamPolicy NameDatePercent i2 Reduction
1MPL1031MPL1031 Policy v701/29/1153.840%
2MPL1031MPL1031 Policy v612/29/1048.270%
3Jurgen van DijkTarget Policy v410/27/1045.833%
4Alexander NoethOptimized Target Policy09/30/1044.914%
*ExampleSpeed Trickle Policy06/15/1031.401%
*ExampleNaive Buffer Policy06/15/108.150%

March Finalist

Congratulations to Jurgen Van Dijk for winning the second month of ChargeCarPrize with an incredibly close round! Also, congratulations to Alex Noeth for qualifying to compete for the grand prize! New data has been released, be sure download the new set!

Download Testing Software and Data

We've created a Java simulation that will take GPS data from real drivers and test your algorithm on their trips using a theoretical electric vehicle. Download the software (Java Eclipse Project) and the data files to get started testing and inventing.

Software & Data

Be sure to check out the instructions for installation and getting started!


Algorithm Submissions

Email your submissions directly to us below.

Please include your author or team name, policy name, and percent i2 reduction on the most recent month of data. Submissions will be tested on our end to confirm leaderboard-worthy results and also to award monthly prizes. If your policy is contained in a single class, simply attaching the Java file is fine. If you have additional dependencies or classes, please combine them into a single JAR file.

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